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Mission Hills Phuket Golf Resort Course Guide

Hole 1 Par 4 HCP 16
  • 378 Yards
  • 344 Yards
  • 328 Yards
  • 290 Yards
The fairway on this par 4 opening hole has bunkers on the left side to protect the tee shot landing area. However from here the golfer has the best angle to the green. Those pushing shots out to the right side of the fairway will have to contend with greenside bunkers
Hole 2 Par 5 HCP 12
  • 537 Yards
  • 501 Yards
  • 483 Yards
  • 433 Yards
This medium length par 5 requires two well placed shots to give players a comfortable third shot into the island green. To get to the green in two, a tee shot down the left side over the sandy waste is needed to give the best angle into the green The island is shared by the green for hole number five and large enough to tempt even the most conservative golfer.
Hole 3 Par 4 HCP 2
  • 420 Yards
  • 390 Yards
  • 376 Yards
  • 308 Yards
The fairway on this par 4 hole is split into 2 sides by a bunker in the middle of the fairway. The best angle to approach the pin is to hit long and left over this bunker. There is a fairway collection pad behind the green for those who try to over hit and avoid the canal in the front
Hole 4 Par 3 HCP 18
  • 180 Yards
  • 157 Yards
  • 153 Yards
  • 93 Yards
The green sets up as an island of grass in a sea of sand for this par 3. This golf hole is best played with a slight draw around the front greenside bunker, especially if the pin is situated back left. For the golfers that push the ball out to the right, they will find a very tricky pitch back to the green from an uneven lie.
Hole 5 Par 4 HCP 6
  • 376 Yards
  • 344 Yards
  • 331 Yards
  • 290 Yards
This par 4 plays back to the island green from island tees in a huge sandy waste. The best tee shot is to hit far enough to get above the strong elevation change that runs through the middle of fairway. Golfers hugging the side of the fair way will have the best angle into the green and take advantage of the green contours. Those with shorter drives may want to lay up down the left side of the lake for their second shot.
Hole 6 Par 4 HCP 4
  • 436 Yards
  • 407 Yards
  • 393 Yards
  • 338 Yards
A bunker to the right and a canal to the left protects both sides of this par 4 fairway. Long hitters will find a narrow fairway to contend with and may not choose to use a driver. The green is separated down the middle by a spine requiring the second shot to land on the same side of the spine as the pin in order to avoid 3 putting.
Hole 7 Par 3 HCP 8
  • 237 Yards
  • 212 Yards
  • 183 Yards
  • 138 Yards
The longest par 3 on the course. The lake is very far from the green and shouldn't present much trouble. The best line is left to right, starting at the bunker on the left. It is also possible to play a bump and run shot and work the ball to the back right area. Missing the green to the left will mean that a deep fairway hollow has to be contended with.
Hole 8 Par 4 HCP 10
  • 369 Yards
  • 334 Yards
  • 317 Yards
  • 264 Yards
This hole has no bunkers in play from the tee, but requires those playing this par 4 to choose to aim either the left or right of the centrally placed group of trees. Shots down the left side will have the easier approach to the green with a shorter iron. Those on the right will have to hit far enough beyond the trees but will then have a clear shot to a well protected and shallow green.
Hole 9 Par 5 HCP 14
  • 536 Yards
  • 501 Yards
  • 482 Yards
  • 437 Yards
This medium length par 5 will require a ball hit over the carry bunkers on the left side to be in a position to go for the green in two. A small lake and another carry bunker at the second landing create the need for a right to left ball trajectory to set up the best shot to the green. A more conservative approach to the green can be achieved down the right side of the fairway.
Hole 10 Par 4 HCP 9
  • 398 Yards
  • 366 Yards
  • 351 Yards
  • 301 Yards
This long par 4 will require a tee shot to be hit as far as possible in order to have the best angle into the green. Those shorter hitters may catch the elevation change and will have to come into the green over bunkers with their second shot.
Hole 11 Par 3 HCP 17
  • 167 Yards
  • 139 Yards
  • 124 Yards
  • 112 Yards
A relatively easy par 3 which requires a right to left approach from the tee to the front of the green. Try not to hit too long as there are fairway hollows beyond the green.
Hole 12 Par 4 HCP 1
  • 481 Yards
  • 446 Yards
  • 429 Yards
  • 376 Yards
The longest par 4 on the course, which requires 2 long shots to have a chance to make par. Aim to the left side of the fairway close to the bunkers to give the shortest and best angle to the green. A lake down the right side and a deep hollow on the left protect the green.
Hole 13 Par 5 HCP 5
  • 584 Yards
  • 559 Yards
  • 545 Yards
  • 482 Yards
The longest par 5 on the golf course. It requires two long hits in order to reach the green. The best shot is to the left of the fairway to cut distance and to have a good set up for the second half of the hole. Careful club choice is necessary for the second shot to leave a perfect distance for the third shot into the green. The green is slightly convex and will require a well placed third shot to stay on the putting surface.
Hole 14 Par 4 HCP 7
  • 326 Yards
  • 319 Yards
  • 304 Yards
  • 251 Yards
This is short par 4 but needs to be respected due to the very tricky green complex. It will depend on the pin position as to which side the green should be approached from and the best tee shot will be played from the opposite side of the fairway from the pin position.
Hole 15 Par 5 HCP 15
  • 517 Yards
  • 487 Yards
  • 468 Yards
  • 418 Yards
The shortest par 5 on the course requires a left side fairway shot for the best angle to enable you to get to the green in two. A more conservative approach is to play short of the right approach bunker with a shorter pitch shot. A tricky up and down will follow if the ball is caught in the left greenside bunkers. The shallow green has a canal beyond.
Hole 16 Par 3 HCP 11
  • 164 Yards
  • 153 Yards
  • 125 Yards
  • 87 Yards
This short par 3 requires a well placed tee shot to a relatively narrow green guarded by bunkers and the canal. The green slopes from right to left and will accept a high left to right shot trajectory as the best approach angle.
Hole 17 Par 4 HCP 13
  • 318 Yards
  • 297 Yards
  • 282 Yards
  • 224 Yards
The shortest par 4 on the course that requires the tee shot to be placed down the right edge of the fairway as no bunkers are present and to avoid the deep hollow on the left. The green complex is slightly convex on the left side.
Hole 18 Par 4 HCP 3
  • 382 Yards
  • 352 Yards
  • 335 Yards
  • 285 Yards
If playing to the right green complex, the player will need to place the tee shot between the lake and the bunker in the middle of the fairway for the angle into the green. If playing to the left green complex, there is a choice to carry the middle fairway bunker or place the tee shot as close to the left fairway bunker for the best angle and shortest distance to the green. The green contours allow for a second shot to be placed short and left of the green.
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