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Golf Course Questions

Do I need a green card?
No. It is not necessary to have a green card to play golf in Phuket at present, but experience is recommended.
Do I need a handicap card to play?
No. Every golf course in Phuket will allow everyone to play and a handicap card is not required. However, everyone is expected to keep the minimum pace of play and follow the basic etiquette of the game.
Is there a dress code?
Yes, it is. Please kindly find the dress code as following to avoid unnecessary clothing purchase in the pro shop on your playing date:

Appropriate Men's Attire: golf shoes, socks, tailored long pants, Bermuda shorts, polo t-shirt/sports shirts with collar.
Strictly Prohibited: slippers, flip-flops, sandals, running/non-golf/open-toe shoes, singlet, round neck shirts, mesh shirts, football shirts & shorts, gym shorts, tights, jogging shorts, cut-off trousers and denims.

Appropriate Ladies's Attire: golf shoes, socks, tailored culottes, pants, slacks, skirts and blouse/polo t-shirts with collar.
Strictly Prohibited: slippers, flip-flops, sandals, running/non-golf/open-toe shoes, tank-tops, round neck shirts, low cut tops, football shirts & shorts, mini shorts/skirts, tights, leggings, leotards, jogging shorts, and denims.

Soft spiked golf shoes are recommended
Why are caddies mandatory at golf clubs in Thailand?
Most golfers are pleased that caddies are available to assist them pulling their golf clubs around the course especially in the heat. Besides providing employment for local ladies, the caddies also provide the necessary maintenance such as filling in the divots with sand, raking bunkers and reporting any problems on the course.

It is a rule and regulation of every golf course in Phuket that each golfer must be accompanied by at least one caddie and as such there can be no flexibility with this.

Caddie fee in most of the golf courses in Phuket is 400 Baht.
What should I expect of my caddie?
Most of all, your caddie should be friendly and polite. She should be able to assist you with the basic yardages, let you know where the hazards are and be able to give some indication as to how a putt will break on the greens. She should also keep pace with you and do the basic maintenance such as fill in divots with sand, rake bunkers, fix ball marks and clean clubs. She will only be able to communicate in very basic English.
May I take more than one caddies?
Yes, some people take two caddies so that one can carry an umbrella and protect them from the sunshine.
How much is an appropriate tip for the caddie?
In Phuket the expected tip for a caddie is around 400-500 Baht.

If you think your caddie did not provide the expected service for you, then you should tip accordingly and let her know why you were disappointed with her service.

Under no circumstances is a caddie or any staff allowed to ask for a tip and if they should, please report it to Master Caddie, Clubhouse Manager or appropriate management at the golf course as soon as possible.
Do I need spikes?
Spikes are not compulsory, but advised, although soft spikes are preferred in Phuket.
Does everyone have to have their own golf bag and clubs while playing or can we share?
Every golfer must have their own golf clubs and bag while playing. This is to avoid slow play. This is a rule and regulation of every golf course in Phuket and there cannot be any flexibility with this.
Can I rent clubs?
Yes, every golf course in Phuket will be able to provide you the club set rental. However, some golf courses have very limited club sets in their collection. For serious golfers, we strongly recommend you to bring your own club set.
Which golf courses in Phuket have golf carts?
Golf carts are available at Blue Canyon Country Club (Lakes Course), Loch Palm Golf Club Phuket, Red Mountain Golf Course and Mission Hills Phuket Golf Resort & Spa.
Which golf courses in Phuket that golf cart usage is compulsory?
Currently, there are 3 golf courses that will require you to use golf cart. They are Mission Hills, Red Mountain and Blue Canyon (Lakes Course). Both golf courses will strictly only allowed one golfer per one golf cart. The cart rental is 700 Baht per cart per person.

Note: Our Package rate is not inclusive of golf cart rental. If you choose to play at these courses, please be advised that you will need to pay additional 700 Baht per person for the cart rental.
Can I play as only a twosome or a single?
Preferably golf courses in Phuket like golfers to play in a four ball but only if the course is not too busy they will allow a single or a twosome to start off by themselves. However, you must follow the direction of the starter on the tee or the player assistant on the course as to whether you are required to join up.

A single has no standing on the course and so cannot expect to play through groups and a two ball must appreciate a slower pace if there are several 4 balls ahead of them.

Every golf course strictly reserves the right to pair any single or twosome on the same flight.

Note: In Tourist High Season (November - April) when every golf course is extremely busy, you will most likely be able to play as 4 balls only.
Do you allow a 5 ball to play together?
Most of the golf courses only allow the international standard of a 4 ball to play. However, only Loch Palm Golf Club will organize 5 balls for every group as their perference.

Note: In Tourist High Season (November - April) when every golf course is extremely busy, you will most likely be able to play as 4 balls only.

Booking Questions

How do I make a booking?
There are many ways to make a booking with us. You can use reservation form for each golf course, contact form or call our reservation hotline at 087-387-0833.

Note: For last minute booking (tee times request within 24 hours), please kindly call us to ensure that your tee times is confirmed as sometime the delay could be occurred with the internet booking. We could also confirm your tee-time almost instantly, if you call us within the golf course operate hours (06:00AM – 06:00PM GMT+7).

Just call us at 087-387-0833 (dial from local phone) or +66-87-387-0833 (dial from international phone)
Do I need to arrange tee times?
During November and April is high season in Phuket, so early bookings are advised. Early tee times are the busiest times. Low season is generally not too busy, but Thailand weekends and public holidays are many, so booking is always advised.
I have submitted my reservation form, how long will it take to confirm my tee times?
Your tee time will be confirmed within 24 hours. If your booking is an urgent case (tee times within 24 hours or same-day booking request), please call our reservation hotline at (087)387-0833.
Can I change or cancel my tee times?
Yes, you can change or cancel your tee times at least 24 hours prior to your playing date without any cancellation charge. The cancellation policy will be applied, if you cancel within 24 hours or in the same day as the playing date.
What is your cancellation policy?
Our cancellation policy is also one of the best offers we give to you as our value customers. We almost have no cancellation penalty at all; actually the penalty is issued by the golf course not our side. The dead line of cancellation penalty in most of the golf course in Phuket is 24 hours prior to your tee off time. We will try our best to negotiate with the golf courses for any of your last minute cancellation. Since you make a payment only on your playing date, you would not be affected by any of the cancellation penalty from the golf course.

If you already made a payment with us, please kindly advice us if you wish to cancel your booking at least 24 hours prior to your tee off time, we will refund the payment to you immediately after your tee off time is successful deleted from the booking record of that particular golf course.

However, please kindly give us the cancellation request at least 2 hours prior to your pickup time (if you use our package) otherwise our driver will already on his way to your hotel and we will have to charge you for the whole round-trip transfers from 400-1,000 Baht depand on the distance (Not one-way, because we will have to charge you for the way back from your hotel to our office in Phuket Town).

Note: For the group booking of more than 5 golfers, please advise us at least 3 days in advance.
Can I make a reservation directly through the golf course?
The special rates listed on our web site are only available through our service. If you would like to make a reservation directly with the golf course they may charge you a higher green fee rate.
Do you organize airport transfers or transfer within Phuket?
Yes, we also organize airport transfers and transfer within Phuket. We can provide you the transportation with any type of vehicles to suit the size of your group.

Pricing/Rates Questions

Why your rates are cheaper than the published rates from the golf courses?
We are able to offer the best rates because of our ability as the golf agency to bulk buy green fee enables us to negotiate preferential, low rates.
What are your package rates?
Our package rates are designed to help you to save time and money. We will pick you up from your hotel and transfer you to the golf course. After that, our representative will greet and meet you at the golf course - he/she will guide you to the locker room, pro shop, and first tee off or assist you in case you need anything before your tee time. You can just go straight to the locker room or the first tee off if you are ready because everything is included - we will arrange all of the check-in process for you. When you finish your golf game the driver will come back to pick you up and transfer you back to your hotel.

Tip: You will save even more if you have more friends join in your party as the rates will get cheaper.
What do your package is include?
Our package includes Green Fee, Caddy Fee and Round-trip Transportation (your hotel - golf course - your hotel). It is generally almost cover everything you need in most of the golf course in Phuket.

However, the package is not inclusive of equipment rental such as golf carts, golf clubs, shoes, umbrellas, chairs, driving range fee, golf balls and etc. It is also not include the tip that you have to tip your caddy after the game.

Note: For Mission Hills Phuket Golf Resort & Spa and Red Mountain Golf Club, the golf cart rental is compulsory for each golfer. Our package is not include golf cart rental, you will need to pay for golf cart rental directly to the golf course.
Are taxes included in the rate?
Yes. All taxes and service charge are included.

Payment Questions

How do we pay for the golf booking?
Our payment method is one of our best offers to you. We do not require any forms of payment in advance to secure your booking unlike other websites.

If you book our Green Fee Only, we will meet you at the golf course on your playing date to collect your payment. If you book our Package, we will pick you up at the hotel and our representative will wait for you to collect your payment at the golf course. You can freely choose to make a payment separate for each day that you play or pay everything all together.

We are striving to give our customers the maximum of flexibility and a peace of mind. You would not have to worry about money transfer or credit card guarantee when you book with us. You simply pay only when you play.

Note: Most of the golf course, we will collect the payment on your playing date. However, if you book at Blue Canyon Country Club (Canyon Course or Lakes Course) we would need a payment in advance 1 day prior to your playing date.
How do we pay for the group bookings, accommodation bookings or 'Stay & Play' packages?
Once your booking has been confirmed we will send you the link to our secure online payment invoice which you can pay by your credit card. Currently, we accept Visa, MasterCard or JCB.

Once the payment is received, we will send the booking voucher with detailed itinerary to you.
Do you accept credit card?
Yes. Currently, we accept only Visa Card and Master Card.
Are there any additional fees when I pay by credit card?
No. The rates that we offer to you are final. While other golf agents will charge you more around 3-4% for the credit card processing fee, we charge you nothing.

Security/Privacy Questions

Why do I need to provide my personal detail to you?
We ask for your details as they are required for completing your golf reservation or when you contact us. Your personal information will stay safe and secure. It will only be disclosed to third parties such as golf courses, in order to process your reservation.
How can I be assured that my personal data is secure?
Your personal information is safe and secure. It will be disclosed to third parties such as golf courses only as part of the tee time reservations you make with us. We do not sell or trade personal information for marketing purposes. See our Privacy Policy for further details.